Diana, Princess Of Wales

Remembering Diana, Princess o f Wales
July 1, 1961 - August 31, 1997
We will never forget!

The Spencer Family Tree

The Spencers of Althorp


Full Name: (HRH) Lady Diana Frances Spencer Mountbatten Windsor, Princess Of Wales
Titles: Princess Of Wales, Duchess Of Cornwall, Duchess Of Rothesay, Countess Of Chester, Countess Of Carrick, Baroness Of Renfrew, Great Stewardess Of Scotland, Lady Of The Isles, Lady Of Spencer
Birth: 1 July 1961
Christened: 30 August 1961 at St. Mary Magdalene Church, Sandringham
Godparents: Lady Mary Coleman, John Floyd, Carol Fox, Alexander Gilmour, and Sarah Pratt
Ascent To Lady Spencer: 9 June 1975
Engagement: 24 February 1981 to HRH Charles Philip Arthur George Windsor, Prince Of Wales, Duke Of Cornwall, Duke Of Rothsay, Count Of Chester, Count of Carick, Baron Of Renfrew, Great Steward Of Scotland, Lord Of the Isles - Born: November 14, 1948; Christened: 15 December 1948; Ascent To Prince Of Wales: 1 July 1969;

Married: 29 July 1981 St Paul's Cathedral, London, Great Britian
First Child Born: 21 June 1982 HRH William Arthur Phillip Louis Windsor, Prince Of Wales
First Child Christened: 4 August 1982 in the Music Room, Buckingham Palace, London, Great Britian
Second Child Born: 15 September 1984 HRH Henry Charles Albert David Windsor, Prince Of Wales
Second Child Christened: 21 December 1984 at St. George's Chapel, Windsor, Great Britain
Separated: 9 December 1992
Withdrawal From Public Life: 3 December 1993
Spouse Admits Adultery: 29 June 1994
Panorama Interview: 20 Novemeber 1995 She admits adultery
Queen Asks Couple To Seek Divorce: 20 December 1995
Divorce Agreement Reached: 28 February 1996
Divorce Settlement Reached: 16 July 1996
Divorce Granted: 28 August 1996, London, Great Britain
Possible Engagement: 31 August 1997 to Dodi Al-Fayed, Producer; Son of Mohammed Al-Fayed owner, president, and manager of Harrods department store, London, Great Britain
Death: 31 August 1997
Funeral: 6 September 1997, Westminster Abbey, London, Great Britain
Interred: 6 September 1997; Althorp, Northampshire, Great Britain


1.) William Arthur Philip Louis Windsor, Prince Of Wales

Born: 21 June 1982 at St. Marys Hospital, Paddington, London, Great Britain
Christened: 4 August 1982 in the Music Room, Buckingham Palace, London, Great Britian
HM Konstantinos Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg Oldenburg, II, King of Greece
Born: 2 JUN 1940, Psychiko, Athens, Greece
Ascent: 1964
Deposed: 1973

HRH Alexandra Helen Elizabeth Olga Windsor Ogilvy, Princess Of Kent
Born: 25 DEC 1936, 3 Belgrave Square, London, England
Ascent: 1936
Lady Susan Katherine Waldegrave Hussey, Lady Waldegrave
Born: May 1, 1939
Sir Laurens de Van der Post, Knight Of The Realm
Born: December 13, 1906
Died: Monday December 16, 1996
HRH , Norton Louis Philip Knatchbull, Lord Romsey
Born: 8 October 1947
HRH Natalia Ayesha Phillips Grosvenor, Duchess Of Westminster
Born: 8 MAY 1959

Confirmation: 9 March 1997

Eton Completion: 29 July 1999
Gap Year: 2000 in Chile
Entered St. Andrews: 24 September 2001
Graduation from St. Andrews University: 22 June 2005
Entered Royal Military Academy Sandhurst: 8 January 2006
Graduation from Royal Military Academy Sandhurst: 15 December 2006
Earned Air Force Wings: 11 April 2008
Graduation from Defence Helicopter Flying School: 25 January 2010
Graduated from the Search and Rescue Training Unit: 17 September 2010
Deployed to the Falklands: February to March 2012 - unspecified dates for security
Ascent To Dukedom: 26 May 2011
Engagement: 16 November 2010 to Miss Catherine Elizabeth Middleton (Kate)
Mr. Michael Francis Middleton: Born 23 June 1949 and
Mrs. Carole Elizabeth (Goldsmith) Middleton: Born 31 January 1955
Married: 21 June 1980
Sister: Phillipa Charlotte Middleton
Born: 6 September 1983
Engagement: 17 July 2016 to James Spencer Matthews, heir to the Lordship of Glen Affric (born 21 August 1975)
Marriage: 20 May 2017 James Spencer Matthews, heir to the Lordship of Glen Affric (born 21 August 1975)
Brother: James Michael Middleton
Born: 15 April 1987
Marriage: 29 April 2011 to Miss Catherine Elizabeth Middleton (Kate)Mountbatten-Windsor, Duchess of Cambridge, Countess of Strathearn, Baroness Carrickfergus
Born 9 January 1982
Christened: 20 June 1982 at St. Andrew's Bradfield, Bershire
Completed Secondary Education: August 1999
Gap Year: 2000 in Chile
Entered St. Andrews University: 24 September 2001
Graduated St. Andrews University: 22 June 2005
HRH Prince George Alexander Louis, Prince of Cambridge
Pregnancy Announced: 3 December 2012
Due Date Announced: 14 January 2013 (Due date July 2013)
Born: 22 July 2013 in the Lindo Wing of St. Mary's Hospital, Paddington, London
Christened: 23 October 2013 at the Chapel Royal, St James Palace
Godparents: Oliver Baker, Emilia Jardine-Paterson, Hugh Grosvenor, Earl Grosvenor, Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, Julia Samuel, William van Cutsem (son of the late Hugh van Cutsem) and Zara Tindall (daughter of Anne, Princess Royal and Cousin of Prince George.)
HRH Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, Princess of Cambridge
Pregnancy Announced: 8 September 2014
Due Date Announced: 20 October 2014
Born: 2 May 2015 in the Lindo Wing of St. Mary's Hospital, Paddington, London.
Christened: 5 July 2015 at St Mary Magadeline Church, Sandringham (the same church  where her Grandmother, Diana, Princess of Wales, was christened)
Godparents: The Hon. Laura Fellowes, daughter of Lady Jane Fellowes the Dukes maternal AuntAdam Middleton, the Duchess's paternal cousin; Thomas van Straubenzee, James Meade, and Sophie Carter

HRH Louis Arthur Charles, Prince of Cambridge
Pregnancy Announced: 4 September 2017
Due Date Announced: 17 October 2017
Born: 23 April 2018 in the Lindo Wing of St. Mary's Hospital, Paddington, London.
Christened: 9 July 2018 at the Chapel Royal, St James Palace
Godparents: Nicholas Van Custem, Guy Pelly, Harry Aubrey-Fletcher, Lady Laura Meade, Hannah Gillingham Carter, Lucy Middleton


HRH Konstantinos-Alexios Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg Oldenburg of Sparta , Prince Of Greece, Prince Of Denmark, Lord Of Sparta;
Future Crown Prince of Greece.
Born: 29 October 1998
Christened: 15 April 199

Facts About Godchild:
Father: HRH Pavlos Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg Oldenburg of Sparta,
Crown Prince Of Greece, Prince Of Denmark, Duke Of Sparta.
Born: 20 May 1967
Mother: HRH Marie-Chantal Claire Miller Oldenburg,
Crown Princess Of Greece, Princess of Denmark, Duchess Of Sparta;
Born: 17 September 1968
Engagement: 9 January 1995
Married: 1 July 1995
Godchild's Siblings:

HRH Maria Olympia Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg Oldenburg, Lady Of Sparta, Princess Of Greece, Princess Of Denmark

Born:  25 July 1996
Christened: 22 December 1996


Achileas AndreasSchleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg Oldenburg, Prince Of Greece, Prince Of Denmark, Lord Of Sparta

Born:  12 August 2000
Christened: 17 June 2001

Odysseas-Kimon, Prince Of Greece, Prince Of Denmark, Lord Of Sparta

Born 17 September 2004

Godchild's Godparents:

HRH Willliam Arthur Philip Louis Windsor,
Prince Of Wales; KG
Born: 21 June1982
HRH Felipe Juan Pablos de Bourbon,
Infante de Asturias;
Born: 30 January 1968
HRH Frederick de Laborde de Monpezat,
Crown Prince Of Denmark.
Born: 26 May 1968
HRH Victoria Ingrid Alice Bernadette Desiree,
Duchess Of Vastergotland,
Crown Princess Of Sweden;
Born: 14 July 1977
HRH Nikolaos Oldenburg, Prince Of Greece;
Born: 1 October 1969 (Uncle/Father's side)
HRH Dimitrye Ivan Mihailo, Prince Of Yugoslavia;
Born: 21 April 1965
HRH Alexandra Miller von Furstenburg,
Princess Of Furstenburg; (Aunt/Mother's Side)                                                                              
Born: October 3, 1972

2) Henry Charles Albert David Windsor, Prince Of Wales, KSVO

Born: 15 September 1984 at St. Marys Hospital, Paddington, London, Great Britain
Christened: 21 December 1984 at St. George's Chapel, Windsor, Great Britain

HRH Prince Andrew Albert Christian Edward Windsor, Duke Of York, Count Of Inverness, Baron Of Kilayeh
Born: 19 February 1960
( HRH ) Lady Sarah Francis Elizabeth Armstrong - Jones Chatto, Lady Snowdon, St George Sprouless
Born: 1 May 1964
Mrs. William ( Carolyn ) Bartholomew
Mr. Bryan Organ
Mr. Gerald Ward
Lady Cece Vestey, wife of Lord Vestey

Confirmation: 19 March 1997

Eton Completion: 6 July 2003
Gap Year: September 22, 2003 August 2004 in Australia
Entered Royal Military Academy Sandhurst: 8 May 2005 
Graduation from Royal Military Academy Sandhurst: 12 April 2006
Deployed to Iraq: 22 February 2007
Earned Air Force Wings: 7 May 2010
Completed Apache Helicopter training: 10 March 2011
Deployed to the Iraq: 7 September 2012
Return from Iraq: 21 January 2013
Promoted to Apache Commander: 8 July 2013
Launched the Invictus Games: 6 March 2014
Deployed to Serve with Australia's Military Defense: 6 April 2015
Retired from the Military:19 June 2015

Engagement: 27 November 2017 to Miss Rachel Meghan Markle ( born 4 August 1981)
Thomas Markle: 18 July 1944 in Newport, Pennsylvania
Doria Radlan: Born 2 September 1956 in Cleveland, Ohio
Married: 23 December 1979 at Paramahansa Yogananda's Self-Realization Fellowship Temple in 
Hollywood, CA
Divorced: 1987
Sister: Samantha Marie Markle born November 1964
Brother: Thomas Wayne Markle, Jr. born 1966
Nephew (son of Thomas Jr.): Tyler Scott Markle (aka professionally as Tyler Dooley)
Married: To Trevor Engelson 10 September 2011
Divorce: From Trevor Engelson August 2014
Played Rachel Zane in the USA drama SUITS: July 2011- November 2017
Ran Lifestyle Website THE TIG: Closed April 2017
Fashion Designer for REITMAN'S: November 2016
Global Ambassador for World Vision Canada: traveled to Rwanda for the Clean Water Campaign 2016
United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women: 2011
Investor Apache HTTP Server: 1995


Master Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor, Lord of Sussex
Born: 6 May 2019
Christened: 6 July 2019

Father: Edward John Spencer, (Viscount Althorp) 8th Earl Spencer,

Born 24 July 1924, only son and second child of Albert Edward John, 7th Earl Spencer ( 1892-1975 ) by his wife Lady Cynthia Elinor Beatrix Hamilton Spencer ( 1897-1972 )

Died: 29 March 1992

Funeral 5 April 1992

Mother: The Honorable Frances Ruth Burke Roche Spencer Shand Kydd

Born: 20 January 1936 daughter and second child of Edmund Maurice Roche ( 1885-1955 ) 4th Baron Fermoy by his wife Ruth Sylvia Gill Roche, Lady Fermoy, ( born 1908 ) 

Died: Thursday 3 June 2004

Funeral: 10 June 2004

Mother and Father Married: 1 June 1954 at Westminster Abbey (divorced April 1969)

Father's Ascent to Earldom: 9 June 1975

Father's Second Wife:  Raine McCorquodale Humphrey, Duchess Of Dartmouth ( only daughter of Alexander George McCorquodale by his wife Barabra Cartland ) born 1929, married at Caxton Hall, London, 14 July 1976; former wife of Gerald Humphrey, 8th Earl Of Dartmouth whom she married 21 July 1948.

Mother's Second husband: Peter Shand Kydd married on .
Born: 1925
Married: 2 May 1969
Divorce 1990
Died: 23 March 2006

Mother's Second Husbands First Wife: Janet Monro Kerr
Children Of Husbands Marriage 1:Divorce: 1990
John Shand Kydd
Angela Shand Kydd
Adam Shand Kydd Born: September1954/Died 25 April 2004


Diana's Siblings:


1). Elizabeth Sarah Louise Spencer McCorquodale, Lady Spencer

Born: 19 March 1955 at Barrat Maternity Home, Northampton
Married: 17 May 1980 to Neil McCorquodale ( born 1951 )
Child: Emily Jane McCorquodale
Born 2 July 1983
Child: George McCorqudale
Born 1984
Child: Celia McCorqudale
Born 1989

2). Cynthia Jane Spencer Fellowes, Baroness Fellowes, Lady Spencer

Born: 11 February 1957 at Queen Elizabeth Maternity Home, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, Great Britain
Married: April 1978 at The Guards Chapel, London, Great Britian to Sir Robert Fellowes, Baron of Fellowes HM the Queens Private Secretary
Child: Lady Laura Fellowes
Born 19 July 1980
Child: Lord Alexander Fellowes
Born 23 March 1983
Child: Lady Eleanor Fellowes
Born 20 August 1985


1). John Spencer

Born/Died: 12 January 1960

2). Charles Edward Maurice Spencer, (The Honorable, Viscount Althorp), 9th Earl Spencer

Born: 20 May 1964 at the London Clinic, London, Great Britain

Ascent To Earl Spencer: 29 March 1992

Marriage 1: 16 September 1990 to model Catherine Victoria Lockwood Spencer, Countess Of Spencer

Divorce: 3 December 1997

Children Of Marriage 1:

Child: Lady Katherine "Kitty" Eleanor Spencer
Born 30 December 1990

Twins: Lady Eliza Victoria and Lady Katya Amelia Spencer
Born 10 July 1992

Child: Lord Louis Frederick Spencer, Viscount Althorp
Born 14 March 1994

Marriage 2: 15 December 2001 to Caroline Victoria Freud Spencer, Countess Spencer

Divorce: 23 March 2007

Children Of Marriage 2:

Child: Lord Edmund Charles Spencer
Born 6 October 2003

Child: Lady Lara Spencer
Born: 16 March 2006

Step Children Of Marriage 2:

Child: George Rupert Freud
Born 3 October 1995

Child: Jonah Henry Freud
Born 1 April 1997

Marriage 3: 18 June 2011 to Karen Gordon (Villeneuve), Countess Spencer

Children Of Marriage 3:

Child: Lady Charlotte Diana Spencer
Born 30 July 2012