Diana, Princess Of Wales

Remembering Diana, Princess o f Wales
July 1, 1961 - August 31, 1997
We will never forget!

The Diana Fact Page

                          The Diana Fact Page

Diana's Education

Tutored: until 1968
Silfield School, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, Great Britain:
1968 - 1969
Francis Holland School, Kensington and Chelsea, London, Great Britain: 1969 - 1970
Riddlesworth Hall, Diss, Norfolk, Great Britain:
1970 - 1973
West Heath School, Seven Oaks, Kent, Great Britian:
1973 - 1977
Institut Alpin Videmanette, Chatteau dOex, Rougemont, Switzerland: 1978

Diana never earned a single " O " level in school, meaning she was a below average student more interested in dance and swimming than Algebra and chemistry. She has been quoted as calling herself, " Thick As A Plank", but regretted calling herself this as it stuck with the media. She was a great swimmer and wanted to be a ballet dancer, but got too tall. It was while Diana was in Finishing school in Switzerland that she met up with her sister, Sarah, who was skiing there. Sarah was, at the time, the girlfriend of Prince Charles. Since they had a hard time getting away from the press, Sarah agreed to give an interview. It was in this interview she gave a quote that affectively ended her relationship with Prince Charles.
"Charles makes me laugh a lot. I really enjoy being with him," Sarah said, "Prince Charles is a romantic who falls in love easily." adding firmly that "there is no chance of my marrying him. I'm not in love with him. And I wouldn't marry anyone I didn't love whether he were the dustman or the King of England."

Diana's Homes

Park House, On The Queen's Estate Of Sandringham, Norfolk, Great Britain 1961 - 1969
Althorp, Northhampshire, Great Britain: 1975 - 1978
69 Cadogan Place, London SW 1: 1978 - 1979
60 Colherne Court, Knightsbridge, London, Great Britain: 1979 - 1981
Buckingham Palace, London, Great Britain: 1981
Highgrove House, Doughton, Tetbury, Gloucestershire, Great Britain: 1981 - 1996
Kensington Palace, Kensington Gardens, London W8 , Great Britian: 1981 - 1997

It was at Park house on the Queen's estate of Sandringham, that Diana, as an infant, probably first met Charles

Diana's Occupations

Nanny for American baby boy, Patrick Robertson, 1979-1981
Teachers Assisstant, Young England Kindergarten, Pimlico, London, 1980-1981
Princess Of Wales, 1981 - 1996
Ambassadress Of British Fashion, 1980 - 1997
British World Charity Ambassadress, 1981 - 1997

It was at Young England Kindergarten in the Pimlico district of London, that the famous photo of Diana in a see through skirt was taken. Here are her and Charles remark's on the incident.

Charles: I knew your legs were good , but I didn't know they were that spectacular.

Diana: They look like Steinway piano legs.

Charles: Did you really have to show them to everyone?

Diana: I'm going to go down in history as " That girl who forgot to put on a petticoat. "

Diana's Loyal Servants

Anne Beckwith - Smith - Lady In Waiting to The Princess Of Wales

Anne served Diana faithfully during her marriage to Charles. Diana often said that Anne kept her going many times when she wanted to quit, especially on foreign tours.

Paul Burrell - Butler To The Princess Of Wales

Diana referred to Paul as " My Rock ". He was her butler and took up many of the positions that Anne had done after the Wales's marriage was over. He is also the one who exposed the Princess' fear of death by car accident.

Diana's Clothiers

Cojana: bought a suit off the rack for her engagement pictures

David And Elizabeth Emmanuel: makers of " That Dress " and The Wedding Gown

Bellville Sassoon
Nettie Vogues
Bill Pashley
Caroline Charles
Donald Campbell
The Chelsea Design Company
Arabella Pollen

Jan Van Velden: Designer of the big collar dresses she wore in Australia

Jasper Conran
Catherine Walker
Hachi: designer of the one shoulder white beaded dress
Gina Fratini

Bruce Oldfield: designer of the " Travolta " dress

Jaques Arzguay
Gianni Versace
Victor Edelstein

Christina Stambolian: revenge dress worn the night Prince Charles admitted adultery

Karl Lagerfeld
Edina Ronay
Rifat Ozbek
Graham Smith
Roland Klein
Alistair Blair


The Head Of The Class: Diana's Millners

John Boyd: designer of her going away hat and the one worn in Wales, 1981

Philip Sommerville: mostly saucer style hats

Frederick Fox: designer of smaller hats including the Jackie Kennedy style Pillbox hats

Kirsten Woodward
Viv Knowland

Diana's Hairdressers: (Still Under Construction)

Kevin Shanley: Owner of " Headlines " Salon and designer of the famous " Lady Di " fringe

Richard Dalton: Kevin's partner at his " Headlines " Salon. He was the one who tried to mature Diana after the birth of Prince Harry. It didn't work.

Sam Mc Knight: He gave her the sleek short cuts she desired.

Natalie Symons: Gave Diana the sleek pushed behind the ears bob that she wore the last couple of years of her life.

Diana's Favorite Shops

Harrods: Owned by Mohammed Al Fayed, Father of Dodi
Harvey Nichols: Where she bought her underwear
The Shops At Knightsbridge: Where her designers are.