Diana, Princess Of Wales

Remembering Diana, Princess o f Wales
July 1, 1961 - August 31, 1997
We will never forget!

        Above all, we give thanks for the life of a woman....
     The unique, the complex, the extraordinary, and irreplaceable Diana;
    Whose beauty, both internal and external,
    Will never be extinguished from our minds.

     --- Charles Edward Maurice, Earl Spencer ---
  --- 6 September 1997 ---
On 31 August, 1997 England lost her Queen of Hearts
The Royal Family lost it's Star
The World lost it's Peoples Princess
And Humanity lost one of it's most selfless souls.

This page pays tribute to her;


Through facts, photographs, family trees, and with feeling
Will attempt to bring back the memories of her life
And let her death be a lesson
To those who use others for their own gain.


                                   Please Do Not Sue Me

In 1980 a new fresh face came on the scene. She was the Lady Diana Spencer. Little did we know that for 16 years Diana's face would be the subject of picture after picture. The pictures on the different pages of this site were taken by a multitude of people including the Associated Press, the Associated Foreign Press, Sygma, Camera Press, Reuters. Some of them were taken by Diana's favorite photographers including: Lord Patrick Litchfield, Anthony Armstrong - Jones, Lord Snowdon; Jane Fincher, Tim Graham, and photographers from Bazaar and Vanity Fair. They are in the public domain and were taken from my personal book and magazine collections to keep Diana's memory alive. I do not make any money from this site.